Monday, February 22, 2010

Patience comes from Yieldedness

Let's say that we are striving to be "loving" and "patient" and if we are then I ask this:

How does that happen?

Through aging?
Through yielding to God's will?
Through the school of hard knocks?
Through direct revelation from the Lord?

I know that patience is one fruit of the Spirit.

Are all the Christians that you know patient?
Are you patient?

How can a Christian improve in this?

+ + + +

I asked these questions and before I could get a human response the answer has been revealed to me during prayer.

We resist God a lot more than we know or are aware of.

It is our resistance, even our unknown resistance, that is hindering us.

Yieldedness is indeed the answer and the more yielded we become the more sense Paul's words will make. His words and his experiences that he communicated to us will be as true for us as they were for him.