Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I have a new book

I have been blogging with you as my nic-name for many years now.

I am an author of 3 books and I didn't want to use my real name, so I didn't.

But now that I have a new book I would like to let you know about it.

It's called, "No One Ever Asked Me That; Conversations on the Afterlife" and it was just released yesterday. Amazon is carrying it and it can be found using my name, Catherine Levison, in Amazon's search box and look for that new title.

The premise of the book is this. I created five questions about 12 years ago and then I set out to find as many different people from all walks of life that I could. I was able to record conversations with a neurosurgeon, a Jewish mystic, a Buddhist monk, a MENSA member, a novelist, a zoologist, a marine biologist and I think you get the idea. The people who participated are from all over the world and from every economic bracket.

Their responses are fun to read, and at the same time we get into deep topics.

I wanted to announce this here as I hope this book helps a lot of people to think about life's more important issues, even the issue of life after death.

Side note: My previous titles are about how to homeschool children using the Charlotte Mason method.

Next I will be revising a novel that I have not yet had published. After that I had another nonfiction work or two on the way.

Thanks for your support,
Clevsea, aka Catherine

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Q & A about covering

These questions came from someone interested in, but not yet covering:

Q Why do you wear a headcover?

Answer: I read the Biblical passage (I COR 11) and tried to find a way "out" of having to obey it. I went to the Greek New Testament and studied for many days and prayed. The Greek was more clear than the English translation and I did not find a way to not obey. For example the headcovering word in Greek is kakatalupto and that word is used multiple times in I Cor 11 both for men not doing that and for women to do that. Then at the end of the teaching it says that the hair is a peribolain which translates as a vest like covering. This is supposed to be a quick example but I do have my studies of this here on this blog if you want to search for them. I've been covering ever since this time of study which is now 22 years.

Q How did people respond?

Answer: My husband went along with it okay. I didn't consult with my parents as I was 30 years old and married. I lost a friend or two during my years even though I was not "pushy" about it.

Q What kind of covering do you wear? Does it have to be plain?

Answer: I like snoods and berets. They are comfortable and come in different colors. Another comfortable style is the expandable headband which are sold at coveryourhair, look for the selection of wide headbands.

The issue of plain vs. non-plain is a separate issue from covering. It does apply because each of us has to decide what to cover with. Some wear wonderful, beautiful scarves and using those with a scarf gripper helps to keep them on your head. Some women feel called to plain and that means they choose solid colors or will only wear white or black or they may even be a member of the Mennonites, for example, and they will wear what their church tells them to wear. I'm half plain so I see it from all sides. I can see that the Lord made color, beautiful colors, and I love them. But more often than not I don't want to call attention to myself so I go with more somber colors. I find that collecting grey, brown, black and dk. blue, means that everything matches. Every shirt, every skirt, every jacket, every sweater, every coat and every headcovering all match and it's easy.

Q Has anything positive come from covering?

Answer: Knowing I'm following the Lord. I can't not, if you know what I mean. Once something is clear then it feels really cruddy to not obey.

Q What are the negatives of covering?

Answer: I had one man from church see me outside of church doing some other type of work and we talked for awhile. He said at the end of our conversation, "I now know that you're smart and friendly. I thought you were weird or mental." WHAT? He got "mental" and "weird" because I wear a cotton beret to church? Another family told their teenage daughter that she could not go to my house to visit my teenage daughter because I cover. I lost another friend after spending 1 year trying to be a "Titus Two" woman to her. She said I made her feel "less Christian" -- that was not the point of meeting with her. I was trying to encourage her to read her Bible and pray and not leave her husband at that time. She had been in church all her life and told me that she had never heard of Judas. She went to a building on Sunday mornings but did not know the Bible.

Q What are the positive parts to covering?

Answer: I would not talk to God uncovered. It is a blessing.

Q How often do you cover? all the time or only during prayer?

Answer: I cover for prayer. I pray a lot though so that means I have a beret or snood on about 85% of the day. Or, I at least have one right by me so I can pray in less than 10 seconds.