Thursday, September 2, 2010

Christian Internet Guidelines

This is a manner of posting and emailing that I think would help people on the internet:

#1) Pray before, during and after an email.

#2) Please be careful to really read what another has written or do not respond.

#3) Walk away from the keyboard at the first sign of anger.

#4) In other words don't post comments or write emails when angry.

Further comments:

Personally I only email or blog when I'm in an upbeat mood. I will not open my email if something is going on in my life that upsets me and if/when I get upset at something in an email I do not respond in my flesh.

Try to remember that we Christians have a daily choice. Day by day we walk in the Spirit or we walk in our flesh.

In regard to anger, have you ever heard this? Anger is almost always a "how dare you" reaction. If you think about this for the next 2 weeks I believe that you see the truth of this.

For example: When someone cuts you off in traffic the fast rush of anger is really based on "how dare you pull out in front of might have caused an accident."

Or....when someone says something to you like, "don't leave your stuff there" it common to have a "hey, don't tell me what to do" reaction within us that is pretty quick to surface.

Remember that as Christians we can take every thought captive to the Lord Jesus Christ and rise above our fleshly reactions. We don't have to give in to our first impulse.

Consider joining me in these guidelines. Email and blog when you're in a good mood and when you are upset sign out and give yourself some time.

If you have already made a fleshly error then don't fear asking for forgiveness when you truly know that you have caused hurt and you truly feel sorry. That step is the most effective way to bring healing to relationships.

Side NOTE: Having shared this with an on-line friend she remarked that this would be great to practice in real life as well as on-line.

I responded with this:

Yes, it would be great if we practiced this in real life. I think that submitting all of our thoughts to the Lord is a good thing for our real lives.

Walking in the Spirit instead of in the flesh in another thing that really works in real life.

For myself taking note of when I get a "how dare you attitude" has helped a lot. It does seem to be at the root of most anger. Mostly that quick anger that you don't think is so close to the surface and yet it can be.

The forgiveness thing I learned from the Bible, of course, but one of my children taught it to me in a way that really got my attention. One of my daughters, while in her teen years, would grant instant forgiveness, right on the spot if
you asked for it. So simple. No grudges, no revenge, no keeping lists of wrongs.

I'm not sure what she was doing mentally if you didn't ask for forgiveness but I sure do know what she did if you asked. I really learned from that and I had been a Christian for a long time when she taught me this.

Thank you and may Christ's peace be multiplied to you.