Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bible Reading Log 2011

I'm in Ezra today on this 11th day of January.

I really enjoyed I and II Kings and I and II Chron. far more than usual this year. Sometimes I feel a little bogged down in those books and I was ready for a bit of a fight with myself -- however, it was not one bit a drain on me. I loved it and it was GREAT.

Each year when I get to Ezra I feel like I've climbed the mountain and now I'm on the easy side on my way down to the gentle pasture of Psalms. After Psalms it's all so easy to read and all the while you know that the New Testament is there waiting to be the cherry on top. What a reward for a job well done. And spiritually it is very rewarding to read the New Testament directly following a read-through of the Old.

I had thought about blogging my daily reading log on a daily basis but I lacked the time to check in here daily so a 10 day log report will have to suffice.

My reading plan this year includes reading all of the entire Bible during January.

One recent year I read the whole Bible in 5 weeks. I had stopped during January to read a Christian non-fiction book which took me a week to read. When I returned to the Bible and finished it during the first week of February I realised that I could have completed in one month had I not read that book.

At least one person did not believe me so I thought that I would share my daily reading log and perhaps my daily reading will look more believable. It ought to be believed because it's true.

1-10-11 -- Monday II Kings 1-25 & I Chron 1-29 & II Chron 1-36

1-9-11 -- Sunday -- II Sam 23-24 & I Kings 1-22

1-8-11 -- Saturday -- I Sam 26-31 II Sam 1-22

1-7-11 -- Friday -- Finished Judges & Ruth & I Sam 1-25

1-6-11 -- Thursday the 6th -- Joshua 1 thru 24, Judges 1 thru 21

1-5-11 -- Wed. the 5th -- Deut 1 thru 34

1-4-11 -- Tuesday the 4th -- Lev 14 to Lev 27, Numbers 1 thru 36

1-3-11 -- Monday the 3rd -- Gen 23 thru Gen 50 & all of Exodus & Lev 1 thru 13

1-2-11 -- Sunday the 2nd -- Gen 20 thru 22

1-1-11 -- Saturday the 1st -- Gen 1 thru Gen 20

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