Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Discernment is a word that Christians use frequently, even flippantly.

I'm concerned by some things that have been "discerned" by those around me.

As I think about the quiet attention it takes to truly discern something I grow concerned by people allowing themselves to be misled by the enemies of God.

Keep yourself aware of Jesus. Keep yourself aware that evil forces can pretend to be good, of the light, even to be God.

Darkness and light have nothing to do with each other but some of the dark entities can impersonate angels of light. Beware.

Unbelievers have nothing in common with believers but keep in mind that wolves can disguise themselves as sheep. Don't ignore that as some Sunday School teaching from your youth.

Voices, feelings, ideas ... they can come from YOUR imagination ! They can be generated from the Lord Jesus and they can be faked by your enemies.

Don't obey every voice, feeling and idea you get without proper discernment. Take it to prayer. The Lord will make things clear to you when you seek HIM. When you quiet yourself enough to truly discern Him. Is it really Him speaking into your mind/heart?

Don't you want to know for sure?


Beautifully Veiled said...

Very good post. We spent 5 years where everything anyone heard was the Lord. It was a mess. And it has been six years cleaning ourselves up from it. Very easy for new christians with no knowledge of the word to fall into. And very easy for this one who DID to also fall into. I praise the Lord for pulling us out!

clevsea said...

I'm happy you were pulled out too.

Some things are too important to ignore.

Thanks for sharing.