Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Love, in Christ's power

Sometimes I put my name to I Cor 13 to make me even more inspired to live for the Lord and submit to His will.

It goes like this:

Clevsea is patient & kind. Clevsea does not envy and she does not boast .... ect.


another way would be to read it like this:

I will be patient
I will be kind
I will not envy
I will not not boast
I will not be proud
I will not be rude
I will not self-seek
I will not be easily angered
I will keep no record of wrongs
I will not delight in evil
I will rejoice with the truth
I will protect
I will trust
I will hope
I will persevere
Christ will never fail.

You can't do this stuff in YOUR flesh. Only by being Born-Again** and having Christ IN you would any person be transformed into a loving person. Having the fruit of the Holy Spirit which includes love is the key.

**I mean Born-Again as in John chpt 3 from Jesus' mouth not as a denominational divide.

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