Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Rainbow Carpet


When I awoke today I found my whole world light and white. I have seen a lot of mist because I live in a valley on top of a steep hill. I have walked in beautiful misty meadows many times but I have never seen such a white mist.


The brightness was remarkable and all I could think about was heaven. I felt that the Lord wanted me outside right away without delay.


The bright, white mist was so the opposite of the dank, humid mist; I walked around praising Jesus and taking it in.


He had created all this mystical beauty and someone needed to enjoy it.


I watched as heavy white mist formed upward clouds and as these heaps of beautiful white left the ground they looked like snow angels. They were about the size of 3 men put together and as they rose upward they disappeared into the air.


I walked up the hill to see the rolling hills of light green grass contrasting with the dark green Douglas fir trees. The sky was very blue just in the horizon and I knew that it wouldn’t be long until the mist was no more and the powerful blue sky and bright sunshine would dominate, until next time.

I walked along the creek on my way back and the grass was covered in dew drops each a rainbow prism of color.

Because I’m nearsighted I can see this beautiful phenomenon two ways. With or without my glasses. With my glasses the rainbow dew drops are spectacular and you can’t take your eyes away. Without my glasses I’m standing in the midst of larger colored lights. Pure color. Dazzling bright and clear color. Golds, the brightest gold you’ve ever seen. Clear beautiful reds, blues, greens, and if you wait and focus on one dew drop only you will see something so remarkable. It will change color even if you do not move. It will go from that bright yet deep gold to yellowish green. Continue watching and it will turn blue and then red. It will slowly rotate through all those colors right before your eyes.

Who doesn’t want to walk on a rainbow carpet? Who doesn’t want to thank Jesus our Lord for this beauty so detailed that it’s difficult to describe.

Rainbow carpet and diamond rain. Who needs chemicals when the Lord’s creation is generously giving us all that we need and then so much more that nothing can be more fulfilling. Beauty, peace, wonderfully refreshing sleep, quiet and prayer. I don’t know why anyone would pursue any other path. The Lord said it was a narrow way and He didn’t have to make it so beautiful but He did for our enjoyment and I hope for His too.


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