Friday, July 30, 2010

Help me to Keep Covering

Another question:

Help. Nobody else covers around me and I don't want to be the only covering woman. I want to give it up. Thousands of other women are not modest. Why do I have to dress differently?

Clevsea's Answer:

What keeps me covering is there is ZERO option to stop. The Word says to do it and I can't get out of it. I looked for a way to get out of it 20 years ago and could not find a way. That is why I know the passage in Greek so well. I looked hard for some loop-hole so that I wouldn't have to cover my head.

The letter to the Corinthians does not say to drive around in the USA in the year 2010 and look around you. Whatever you see being worn, wear that.

I not being mean, just truthful. We cannot go by what others are wearing. If I did that I would look like a prostitute.

The Bible teaches us to dress like a woman professing godliness.

You ought to set your thoughts and your entire mind on Christ and give up the fashions and what the world around you is doing.

If you allow non-believers to influence you then you will be mis-led. Would you live among Vegas Show-Girls and do as they do? No. Your mind needs to get back to the pure Word of God.

Here is a "mini" reading assignment:

Set your mind on things above---Col 3
How to dress---I Tim 2 and I Pet 3
Covering---- I Cor 11

... and there is so much more to read and think about.

Shrug off what you see around you. I have to do that all the time because I live downtown in a university town. There are lots of universities and lots of drinking, party kids and other drunks and Wiccans and gays, and plenty of tattoos and facial piercings.

If I went by what I saw I'd be gone from all things modest and I would be disobeying the Lord and His Word.

The worldliness around me cannot be my standard. Dont allow other's disobedience to influence you.

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