Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what to say when asked about headcovering

Common Question~~~

I'm new to covering and I don't know what to say to those who ask me about it. What do I say?

My Answer:

As to what I say to people in real life; I find that most of them are not teachable.

It's important to me to figure out if someone really wants to know something or if they are justing verbalizing to hear themselves speak.

The vast majority who comment or ask do not want to know anything about covering. They want to assert their lack of approval.

The main thing that works on other people is praying for them to get it.

IF --- in all caps---laugh.......IF someone really wants to know why I cover then I've learned to condense my answer down to one sentence. They seem to have short attention spans so the fewer words the better.

Come up with a short sentence and memorize it. If the Lord wants you to teach further then you'll know that at the time.

My short sentence is this: "I'm trying to obey a New Testament passage in the Bible that says women ought to cover their heads when they pray."

See how short that is?

Short as it may be it packs a lot of info. First it says the whole matter in what is known as an "I" statement. It is said that other's have a harder time arguing with "I" statements. If I say, "I'm feeling tired." it's difficult for someone else to say, "No, you're not." If I say, "I'm feeling defeated." again, it's difficult for someone else to assert that I am not.

There is something a little more humble about saying "I'm trying to obey...." because it sounds a lot different than...."There is a teaching in the Bible..........." and launching from there because that implies that they are
not in compliance with the Bible. They aren't....we know that....but it's good (in my opinion) to kind of "own" this choice of obedience as your own thing when talking to someone new to the teaching.

The other components of my short sentence is that it does establish covering as being from the Bible and not from my brain or my Pastor or from any other notion I might have come across. For the "Church going Christians" that you will be answering you may well find that to be very powerful.

I clarify that it's a New Testament teaching because almost 100% of Christians I've talked with have accused me of legalism. I know of 3 definitions of legalism and none of them have anything to do with following a New Testament teaching in simple obedience. That would be like someone saying that we don't have to follow the Great Commission that Jesus gave us. Or we don't have to any of the many teachings in the NT.

You will eventually find some woman who really is teachable and really does want to know. If you do then take her aside and read I Cor 11 out loud to her. Show her there are 3 reasons given in the passage. When she belly-aches about culture then show her that none of the 3 reasons are cultural.

There is a lot more to say to such a person but prayer and leaning on the HOLY Spirit of Jesus Christ at the time of teaching will work for you.

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