Monday, February 21, 2011

Bible Reading Goals

Time to set some reading goals.

  • Are you in a Bible reading plan?

    Are you able to keep up with that plan?

    Do you receive insights from your Bible reading?

    Do you need to re-think your reading plan?

    Have you set your weekly goals yet?

My answers:

Having met my yearly reading goal so soon I am now "free" to wander through the Bible at will. I have been fascinated by Colossians and am reading it repeatedly. I think my goal will be to read Colossians daily this week. I feel the same about Philippians. Just when you think you know a little letter like that it takes off on you and proves once again that the Bible is Alive and Active and Sharper than any 2-edged sword.

Write down your reading goals on Monday and then on Friday look at them again to see if you met them.

This type of accountability really works for some people.

My agenda is to get YOU into the Word of God any way that I can.

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