Monday, February 14, 2011

Q & A -- Should I cover for dates with my husband?

This question was posed to a group of head covering women:

Should I cover for dates with my husband?

Clevsea's Answer:

Covering does not have to become bondage.

It ought to be obedience.

One thing to consider is that many Christian ladies only cover at worship time when they are in church services.

I cover for prayer in and out of church so I am not one of them but I approve of them and understand their application.

I dress differently for dates with my husband than I do the rest of the week so I believe I understand the question.

Covering differently for date night might be an option. Just like I don't dress immodestly but differently you might be able to cover for obedience and still make your husband happy.

Have you ever been to:


have you ever sat down at the computer with your husband and looked together at all the many covering options?

Using this directory can help you find covering sites too:

One more idea. My covering removes easily and I can put it on easily too. Sometimes I have it on and then remove it for a time during the dinner date when I feel as though I can talk without praying. You know, the time while you're eating and just simply being together but not talking about the Lord, or prophesying, or praying. If anything like that comes up I just put my covering back on as I do when I exit to go back to the car.

I believe that all covering women will find out what the Lord wants them to do and will also seek the husband's wishes and thoughts in this area. It may take time and prayer but it is possible.

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