Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Clevsea has FREE books!

Hi Everyone, I have a "Free Book Giveaway" of "No One Ever Asked Me That; Conversations on the Afterlife." This is a book that took me 12 years to write. The baby of the family was in kindergarten when I started and now he is at the University! The giveaway starts on: 12-12-12 12-13-12 12-14-12 It lasts 3 days only. It is the Kindle version only. No codes are needed. Just go to Amazon and order a Kindle version and you'll get it 100% free of charge. Do you want to let others know? You could email some of your friends, if any of them have a Kindle. You could announce it anywhere you want, blogs, etc. I don't profit from it. Thanks! Clevsea aka, Catherine Levison

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