Sunday, January 11, 2015

Exciting NEWS


Exciting news.

Things are going to change around here.

Here is what happened to me.

Thirty two and a half years ago I became a Christian. When I was so very, very, very new to the faith I had a VERY powerful answer to prayer. I will detail that for you hopefully tomorrow. The Lord was very gracious to show me so early on that He was listening. He was also gracious to place me in a church where they just happened to being studying praying from the Bible.

These detailed answers to prayer have continued. (I am sure that about 100% of you know exactly what I mean and have had the same experiences. I am not claiming to be special.)

So I decided that when I was about 80 years old that I'd write a book about this and the writing style would be to  take 1 verse on prayer from the Bible (at a time) and after providing that verse I would show how I applied it. Give you a simple story of truth. I prayed this way due to this scripture and this was the mind-blowing result. That kind of thing.

There are about 300 mentions of prayer in the Bible and about 100 of them "teach" something about prayer versus just saying the word prayer. If it takes all 100 then I will use all 100 because that's how you get balanced and trustworthy teaching.  You get ALL of the Lord's counsel that way.

Well, I began to realize that waiting until I was 80 was probably not very intelligent. I currently have 4 published (and available) books on the market so I know how difficult the process is to go from idea, to hard work, through editing and then printing and/or publishing. I have one other completed book that is unpublished. So this prayer book was to be my 6th and final book. (My first book came out 20 years ago this year.)

One reason I wanted to wait until I was 80 is that the devil is not going to like it at all. The Bible is truth and my prayer requests and answers are true. The devil doesn't want you to pray so the attack on me might be gigantic. I know I've had attack just for helping homeschooling moms enjoy the process more (and their children too) so imagine the attack for writing about prayer....or better yet don't imagine it....just pray *Preventively" for me to be spared. Our Lord is more powerful.

I've started this book already so just about now you might be thinking I'm going to announce my newest book and start the fanfare, don't you??

Well, no, that's not the case. My smart husband had an idea today. Just write one bit at a time and publish it here with you (and my Yahoo groups) and it will be free of charge. No money changing hands at all.

There are a lot of bloggers out there but I'm not starting from scratch here. For whatever reason my blog(s) get a lot of hits even if I don't touch them for over a year. I know that blogs are not the newest thing either. Facebook somewhat killed the blogs and the Yahoo type groups but I don't care. I have a FB for my 4th book and it is already so saturated that getting anyone to notice your FB is very difficult or very expensive. I've been paying $10.00 a day to try to get my 4th book noticed.

I wrote that 4th book for the unbelievers hoping  to get them interested in believing that they are going to die someday and that there might be an afterlife and I tried to make it super interesting and fun for them to read and then at the end of the book I reveal my Christianity to them. It's a good book for believers too because they can learn how to evangelize by getting into the heads of the 42 people featured in the book. These are real people and their thinking is kind of loopy sometimes and it shows how easy it would be to speak the truth to them because they don't have it. We don't go to heaven because we recycle our garbage.

But this post is not a commercial for that book either.

It is an announcement that as often as possible I will write a post and  basically just write the book here right in front of you. If you see a boo-boo, great but I'm not treating this as a writing group or to get your help. I'm not trying to use you all as free editors or proofreaders. I'm doing it to help you because anything that is faith building is a GOOD thing and these posts will be faith building.

I'll put them on here and on my blog too. So far my blog has mainly been dedicated to one topic but I've said all I have to say about that so I will just change gears and post my book chapter by chapter.

And, it will probably never become an actual book. Like I said I know the agony all to well of publishing. I think my husband is smart and he has watched me start and finish 5 books and prayer book is just kind of languishing there and he doesn't care about the money at all. Neither do I. You don't know this but I have taken a vow of poverty. I don't care for plagiarism however and every word I write is already copyrighted. Did you know that? Your grocery list is copyrighted.  That's the law. So be a good person and don't steal my posts/chapters as they come out please.

And, if you don't like what I'm writing then ignore it. That is so easy to do. If you think, "Oh here's another Clevsea post about how she applied some verse from Nehemiah and prayed and it was answered......" if you don't like that then look the other way.

Friends of mine: Honestly the devil is going to hate this. I will need prayer for this.

Those I don't know as well: I think you're going to like it generally speaking. I think you're are going to want to chime in with your own answers to prayer which I'm sure are as fantastic as mine have been.

Everybody, THANK YOU. Thank you for praying, for reading and for supporting in advance.

If nothing else it will give us something to talk about, right?

Love you all,

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