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Prayer Book #4

(As you know from the announcement written earlier, you are reading my book on prayer in a kind of "installment" method. This method was employed by Charles Dickens too only he was paid for it. Here you are getting it free. Please be a person of integrity and do not plagiarize what I write here. If you joined us late you will need to go back a few posts and try to find the announcement and then the subsequent installments. To help you with this I'll attempt to number them. This would be considered #4 and it might possibly serve as my introduction should this become a printed book at any point.)

The Prayer Book


Getting lost is ordinarily an unwanted situation. It has happened to nearly everybody at some point. What are some ways to avoid becoming lost? One is to know your way very well. But what is to be done if one is in uncharted territory? Unfamiliar terrain? If that is the case it is best to have someone show you the way.


This was proven true through the recent creation of a walking path my husband created for my use. Because this path is located on official forestry land he was not at liberty to carve a path for me to follow. Instead he created a sure way through the dense forest by placing blue flagging ribbon that he hung in the tree limbs. He said, “Always wait at the blue flag you are at before moving. Look for the next flag before proceeding. That way you cannot get lost.”


Let me assure you that following blue ribbons works in a way that trying to memorize each tree branch cannot. The reason is the trees all look alike because they are all exactly the same age in forestry land. It is insanely easy to get turned around and lose your sense of direction in 100 acres of very tall trees.


I feel it is the same way following the Lord Jesus in regards to prayer. It’s best to follow a sure path but even then I have become disorientated and lost my way on occasion. Others have too. The best plan is to know something that is one hundred percent true first, the Bible. Use that certain truth as a starting point and do not leave that until you can clearly and unmistakably see the next truth.


That method has worked for centuries, however, it is also helpful to follow someone who already knows the way. My husband knew the way through the woods through his experience whereas I did not. That is the reason his ribboned path is a success. The pathway would not work for me, as a follower, if it were flawed. My husband took considerable effort and care to make certain it was not flawed. It is the same when the blind lead the blind in a spiritual sense. Obviously that places the follower on uncertain ground. This is a common mishap in prayer.


To avoid misunderstands it is best to know the Scriptures and what they say about prayer. This book attempts to follow the clear teachings of the Bible and illustrates how applying truth to one’s prayer life is a trustworthy way to pursue God’s will. It will also provide some clear examples of miraculous answers to prayer.


There are elements concerning prayer we cannot know and will probably never understand. Let’s start with this one: Why did God, The Almighty, invent prayer in the first place? It is bewildering. There is no way that He needs us to ask.  He cannot possibly be bound by humans praying to Him. He cannot be dependent on hearing from one of His creatures before taking action.  So, why did the Lord God Almighty create this process of asking and petitioning?


I may never know the answer during my earthly life because this is a “why” God question. Any and all “why” God questions are best left unanswered by people because when people attempt it -- they are merely guessing. I have a saying I made up: Let’s go with God did say and stop guessing at what He did not say. It’s fruitless in most cases and a waste of time and it is the fast-track to doctrinal fighting.


Let us each leave guessing behind when it comes to the highly important area of prayer. Let us get a sure footing on the truth and only proceed when the next truth presents itself.


Allow me to provide an example. There is a verse in the Bible that says, “If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.” That can be found in John 14:14. There are Christians who have read this and ran down the road with it. They have applied it in many situations and even for many years. That is my example of getting lost in the forest.


Is the verse true? Yes it is because God does not lie and it came straight from Jesus’ mouth. Is it the complete teaching on prayer? No, it is not. If it were then I would not be writing this book.


There is so much more. There is enough teaching on prayer in the Bible to fill several books. There are verses that give us “conditions” meaning, “if you will do this then I will do that.” From God Himself. There are actual “examples” of how to pray in throughout the Bible. Nehemiah gives us a fantastic example. Daniel does too. And so does Jesus Himself and Paul. And, by the way, Paul’s specialty is showing us “what” to pray for.


Anyone could write a book and cover all of the Biblical passages on Scripture and that would be great. I would buy it. But no one else, except for me, can write the book I’m about to write. Because I am going to show you a Bible verse and then demonstrate for you how I applied it and then exactly the outcome, the answer that God chose for me personally. Others would not be able to write about the answers to prayer that I’ve kept in journals. And know this:  He deals with all of us as He wills. In addition, I’m not writing an autobiography either. Only prayer answers.


I’m going to cover “why” should we pray, “how” were we taught to pray, “where” we should pray, “what” to pray,  “preventative” prayer, using a prayer journal, and the “responsibility” to pray which is coming next.


I predict that there will be interludes as well. Little off topic miracles that I feel God showed me as a gift. It’s all about faith building because it takes faith to pray.


And allow me to leave off with one of my favorite verses from the Bible. The Sadducees were asking Jesus a question and His answer is priceless. He said, “You are mistaken, not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God.” I love that. There are a lot of mistaken people out there.
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