Monday, March 21, 2011

Another covering question

Essentially, a new coverer was sharing that she has already received some negativity about her new choice.

I attempted to help by writing this:

You've come to the right place [a covering support group].

All of us here have had experiences like yours. We can support each other when no one else understands.

I felt like an outsider within Christianity due to my differences too. I homeschooled before it was acceptable, wore dresses even when camping, held "funny" end-times doctrines, and then I added covering 20 years ago. There was NO internet for me to check with either.

So I just followed the Lord as His sheep and kept studying through hard times and good times.

I have lost friends over it. I have had pastors knock me around (emotionally, I mean), I have had people write me off with one glance. I've even had other coverers give me grief in person and on-line.

Good thing WE are loved by an Almighty Lord, eh? What would it be like to not have His love? This world is unloving enough. Let's all be the loving Christian that we wish the others would be toward us.

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