Friday, April 1, 2011

Live your life--love your neighbor

It is important to limit your computer time and stay current in your real life.

Everything comes first before computer time. That includes prayer, Bible reading, wife-ing, mothering, cooking, cleaning, loving your neighbor and so much more.

This cyber fellowship is important and very vital to those who cannot find like-minded lady friends. It's not wrong to belong to a Yahoo group, or to read wholesome blogs (in my opinion) but for some ladies it becomes wrong when they cannot manage their time well.

Being "able" to communicate this way is certainly very handy. It puts you in touch with people from all over the world that you could not otherwise know. However, don't neglect your real-life and your real-life friends.

I lead some on-line discussion groups and I never worry about a quiet group. I always hope that our members are praying, reading, and living peacefully with those they know. It's a good sign that they living in the real world.


Regina said...

I agree with you totally. I used to get concerned when my groups got quiet. What you said makes so much since and I would be wondering about a lady who seems to be posting all the time. I'd be concerned about her family suffering.

clevsea said...

Yes. This brings to mind a newlywed wife who complained mightily about her new husband.

She ranted.

She wrote about 40 emails a day, perhaps far more.

She complained that he complained that the house was messy and you could barely walk through the living room area.

I did not want to be her "corrector" but I gently brought it to her attention.

My "insight" was not received.

Prayer is often the ONLY answer.

Mrs. M. said...

Finding a balance is so important. I, like Regina, agree with you. In fact, I had to leave the blogging world for a bit just to pray for guidance if continuing online blogging was something I should be doing.

I am happy to say that Our Lord answered prayer...seeking first His Kingdom!


clevsea said...

That is ULTRA important to remember.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God ...

Really important.

Thanks for reminding us.